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About Karumah

Karumah / About Karumah

Karumah provides support to People Living With HIV in the Hunter-New England region through outreach, case management, community & social support, advocacy, peer leadership, and education & training. These services are also available to the partners, carers, family, and supporters of People Living With HIV.

Our programs are built around a model of chronic care self-management which recognises people’s knowledge and experience of their condition and supports them to become effective managers of their own physical, mental, and social health. We use a non-judgmental, evidence-based approach that allows us to adapt and respond to the evolving needs of People Living with HIV. 

HIV affects people from all walks of life and access to Karumah services is not limited to any particular demographic, lived experience, or background. Our community is very diverse and we strive for inclusivity and accessibility across our programs and activities. 

Karumah collaborates with an extensive network of organizations and partners across the health, welfare, education, advocacy, and development to deliver comprehensive and coordinated responses to the needs of both individuals and our community.

Started in 1989 by a handful of dedicated volunteers, Karumah continues to be a peer-led organisation. From our board of active community members to our person-centric case management and peer support programs, we keep People Living With HIV at the heart of all that we do.

Register for case management

Registering is easy; simply phone, email or call into Karumah and our case manager will discuss your needs privately, and talk to you about how Karumah may be able to assist you.

Governance Structure and Processes

Karumahs Board of Governance (4 Executive positions + 4 community positions) derives its authority through Karumahs Constitution and the Corporations Act 2001. The brief is to consult and collaborate with staff, volunteers, clients and stakeholders to develop and implement a triennial Strategic Plan, as well as annual Organisation business plans. These documents outline our core values, mission and vision.

Karumahs Board at present has two sub-committees – funding subcommittee and the policy and procedures subcommittee.

Karumahs Risk Management Framework provides an Organisational Risk Assessment and outlines Karumahs plan for managing identified risks and the Occupational Health and Safety Hazard and Risk Policy ensures the systematic management of health and safety throughout the organization and the identification and management of workplace risk.

Karumahs Code of Conduct applies to the Board, management and staff, specifying practices necessary to maintain professional and ethical practices.

To read more about Karumah, download our information booklet