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Education And Training

Karumah / Education And Training


Karumah’s training focus encompasses HIV from a holistic perspective. Not only as a disease process, public health issue and area of medical treatment provision, but also the very human challenges that come with it. We integrate this essential technical knowledge with the social, psychological, political and emerging challenges for people living with HIV, their support networks, organisations, and broader communities.

We provide accurate and up-to-date information and resources to educate people about HIV, transmission, prevention and treatment. Karumah is also fundamentally committed to using knowledge and education to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by PLHIV every day.

Our educational and training services can cater for all levels of knowledge and experience. Whether you require HIV 101 or need to update and maintain existing levels of expertise, Karumah provides the information and skills to help you deliver appropriate service and care to PLHIV.

Karumah’s training program is tailored to meet the learning needs of specific audiences. It can be delivered as workshops, presentations or seminars or digitally through platforms such as Zoom.

Education and Workshops

Educational activities run by Karumah are primarily skills-based and designed to empower PLHIV and members of their support networks. Our focus is always to acquire and enhance the skills needed to undertake activities, rather than simply knowing how to do them or that we ‘should’ do them.

Whether it’s developing new skills or building upon existing ones, the objective of education programmes is to allow people to apply their knowledge practically. This approach is integral to Karumah’s Chronic Care Management Model that encourages PLHIV to take an active role in their self-care and management.

Our workshops and educational events are most often open to any members of the Karumah community. Our Karumah Groups will also occasionally hold focused events based on needs identified by those members. When required, your Karumah case manager will work with you to decide what services and activities will best help you achieve your goals and meet your needs.

Karumah events are run through a combination of internal and external educators and facilitators. Regardless of circumstances, confidentiality is always held to the utmost standard.

Our Mission

Karumah is committed to enriching the lives of People Living with HIV in the Hunter New England region through sustainable health outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

Our Goals

Improve the health and well-being of PLHIV in the HNE Region

Reduce strain on other essential services and keep PLHIV out of hospital Reach and engage PLHIV who would normally fall through the health and community service gaps

Self-empower PLHIV with skills and strategies to better self-manage their condition

Provide a unique service which avoids duplication of other existing services

Address isolation and mental health issues in PLHIV

Funding & Accreditation

Karumah Incorporated is funded by Health NSW through Hunter New England Local Health District.

Karumah Incorporated is Accredited at Certificate Level of the Australian Service Excellence Standards.